On the April 22nd episode of Guiding Light, Jessica Leccia’s Natalia took control and didn’t relinquish it for a moment. She faced down Crystal Chappell’s Olivia and told her, in no uncertain terms, that she knows the consequences of telling someone you love them. She knows what’s she done and she is more than willing to take on whatever comes. She shouted down Olivia’s attempts at “saving” Natalia from the shame, the ridicule, of what their love could mean to them.

The look on her face when Emma asked her if she would be attending her play at school, talking over Olivia to tell the Jelly Bean that she “Would love to” brooked no argument and Olivia knew better than to try. At the school she willingly confronted Olivia, calling her out for her actions and attitude, then stood up to the backlash she knew was coming. And there was real conviction in her voice and her expression when she told Olivia the hardest thing she had to do on the day of her wedding to Frank was telling you that I love you. Telling you how I really feel.”

Her expression was set and she snapped at Olivia on multiple occasions, unwilling to let Ms. Spencer bully her into accepting how she thought it should be. Nat was strong, she was forceful and, once she built up a good head of steam, she was very, very sure of herself. She even managed to tell Olivia off at one point, quite pointedly, I might add. She was not, as she so purposefully told Olivia, at all naïve

She called Olivia to task for selling her short. Angrily and defiantly so. I do find it ironic that Natalia called Olivia on this, since it was always Olivia telling her she was better than the station in life she’d settled for. It was wonderful to see Natalia standing up for herself, for what she was feeling and what she truly believed in, which, honestly, was their love.

She might have completely knocked down the walls Olivia had so carefully constructed after their mutual confessions of love last week if the show hadn’t ended and we hadn’t just absolutely known that Frank would somehow manage to interrupt… Impeccable timing that man has, they could use him over on All My Children whenever Ryan and Kendall get within range of each other…

It takes a very strong actor to be able to stand toe to toe with someone of Crystal Chappell’s caliber and not fade into the background beneath such a commanding presence and formidable performance. Jessica Leccia is just that type of actor. She not only holds her own, but makes herself an equal to the daytime powerhouse and today proved it. Natalia’s confession of love at the gazebo was a powerful moment. But when Natalia faced off with Olivia in Emma’s classroom and took control of the moment, took control of her emotions and the situation, she wasn’t the Natalia Rivera that Olivia mocked and insulted in the weeks following Gus’ death.

She was Olivia’s equal.

Everybody knows what a powerful, talented actor Crystal Chapell is. Now everyone will know that Jessica Leccia is just the same.


Things I learned on GL today (although some of them occurred during the previews for tomorrow):

Billy needs medical attention for what appears to be a massive tapeworm
Frank is a horrible detective, unless it involves Nat then he’s got the tracking skills of a Lakota Warrior
Buzz needs to comb the hair, yet keep away from the hair gel
Roc really sucks at keeping people captive
Never turn your back on the guy holding the gun
Olivia will kill someone someday with those incredible eyes of hers
Bosnia looks curiously like rural New Jersey
Nurse Call/TV remotes in hospital rooms can double as walkie talkies
Tipping Bosnian bellmen really well doesn’t improve their English comprehension
Putting a gun at the bottom of the suitcase, between a couple of shirts, makes it invisible to airline security… And customs…
Bosnian children have very nice Midwestern accents
Never eat at Company if you see Buzz, Billy and a computer on the counter. Especially don’t eat at the counter…
Nice hotels in Bosnia are never very far from wide open rural spaces
Dinah IS Carmen SanDiego… and Carmen SanDiego is in Bosnia right now…

thanks again to YouTube member Yodaluver28 for the clip of Otalia from the April 22nd episode