With the words “God still loves me” and Olivia’s hand wrapped in hers on Friday’s episode of Guiding Light, Natalia Rivera set into motion what comes next with Otalia.

It actually began the day before on April 23rd in Emma’s classroom. Natalia insists to Olivia that she knows what it means to tell somone you love them. She knows exactly what she said and she knows there are consequences involved. Olivia insists to her that she’s not ready to deal with what comes next, she has too much to deal with, her religion being one of them. Natalia replies that her religion is about love. Olivia, near tears, puts Natalia’s hand to her cheek and says “Really? This kind of love?” and Natalia pulls away. Olivia tells Natalia she’s not ready. Natalia, instead, reaches for Olivia’s hands and holds them in hers, stepping closer for comfort.

And precisely at this moment, Detective Frank Clouseau- er, I mean, Frank Cooper makes another incredibly poorly timed entrance. Olivia pulls her hands free of Natalia’s but Nat doesn’t seem as inclined to jerk back as if caught doing something she shouldn’t. Frank looks like he knows he walked in on something but isn’t quite sure what. (Hello, Frank Cooper? I have an anvil here with your name on it. Yeah, yeah, says right here in neon pink: FRANK COOPER, GET A CLUE!)

Unfortunately, he’s come to tell Natalia that Rafe must report to the halfway house immediately and will take her to him so she can say good bye. Giving Olivia one last, rather pointed, look, she follows.

At the farmhouse, Rafe tells Natalia all he wants is for her to be happy. Frank’s a good guy, but maybe he’s not the guy for Natalia, Rafe will be happy simply if Natalia is. Then he tells her he wants to go to church to pray before leaving.

Meanwhile, Emma and Olivia are heading to Company for the cast party for Emma’s school play. Being ever the schemer, Emma asks for Olivia’s phone, ostensibly to take pictures of the party, and she secretly dials Natalia’s phone. Grinning impishly, she asks her mother to invite Nat to the party. With a shy giddiness not typically seen on the face of Olivia Spencer, she assures her daughter that she’ll mention it.

However, Nat’s in a church and doesn’t answer. Of course, her just having lit a candle and asking for God to forgive her sins might have played a small part in her decision, given the look on her face after putting her phone away. But there is a moment where it looks as if she wonders if she did the right thing. Over at Company, though, Liv sees this as a rejection and is clearly hurt.

Back at the church, Rafe and Natalia walk out hand in hand, knowing that Frank is waiting to take Rafe away. Jessica Leccia knocks it out of the park once more in her portrayal of a mother saying good-bye to her child, her breaking voice and tears heartfelt and true.

Olivia and Emma arrive at this moment, Emma realizing immediately that Natalia is sad. Nat says she’s not sad anymore because Emma (and by extension her mother) are there now. Before Olivia can make excuses and leave, Natalia asks them to go into the church with her. Unable to deny Nat anything, Olivia agrees. The three walk hand-in-hand into the church.

Seated in a pew with Emma between them holding Olivia’s hand, Olivia looks lovingly at Natalia and asks what they’re doing there. Natalia replies “we’re being together” and gently lays her hand on top of Olivia’s.

Olivia gazes at Natalia once more, then turns her eyes forward as a smile, one of contentment and joy, gently crosses her lips.

As the camera faded on the scene, we were witness to the first fledgeling steps of the newest Supercouple in the vast soap opera landscape. The relationship of Olivia Spencer and Natalia Rivera began what many had been waiting months to see. Their confessions of love wasn’t the end of the story, it really was just the start.

In the immortal words of Hugo-award winning author John Varley: This is not the end. This is not even the beginning of the end. It’s the end of the beginning.

Yeah, the true love story of Olivia and Natalia is really just beginning.


I’ve realized that I have somehow changed that old Fortune Cookie thing everyone does (you know, reads their fortune out loud then adds “in bed” to it at the end of it to sometimes hysterical effect) from the “in bed” to “wearing a hat”. So, thanks for that, Olivia. And the BPD’ers, who use the “wearing a hat!” statement from Olivia now as a rallying cry.

Today’s Fortune: A person is never too old to learn…. Wearing a hat…

That was a little more prophetic than I had planned, but… anvil, anyone?

Today, class, we’re going to study How to hide a pregnancy on-screen 102 – When laundry baskets no longer do the trick

1. Behind a large roll of paper in a classroom while holding your giant purse on your arm as you hold the hands of the woman you love
2. Behind a small topiary tree while holding your giant purse on your arm as you say a tearful farewell to your son before he reports to the halfway house
3. Behind a large candle stand while holding your giant purse on your arm as you and your son light candles before he departs for a halfway house
4. While wearing a gigantic poofy coat while holding your giant purse in front of you like a cloaking device

Unfortunately, number 4 won’t work much longer because warmer weather eventually will arrive in Springfield. It’s called spring and it can’t be stopped.


On another note, did the AMC telling of the Bianca and Reese storyline leave you a bit cold? Shaking your head with confusion? Mouth agape in utter disbelief? Well, if you did, never fear! Some enterprising soul, dubbed MMStone82 (I’m guessing in honor of Maggie Stone, Bianca’s first love of her life) is re-telling the Bianca and Reese story on YouTube. Titled Bianca and Reese: Behind the MuZach, it’s a delightful reimagining of Charles Pratt’s disastrous storyline that could have been promising, yet failed miserably…

Enjoy Episode One here, then head over to YouTube for the entire series:

Thanks for YouTube member Yodaluver28 for the Otalia clips embeded here from their YouTube page.