On May 21st of 2011, let it be known that the much-revered son of The Young and the Restless‘ Eden Riegel and Secret Circle‘s Andrew Miller finally made his debut, a true star-turn if ever there was one. Only a few days late (16, to be exact), large (8lbs 14oz., 22 inches in length) and in charge, Jack chose the predicted day of the Rapture to make his first appearance.

The happy new ‘rents made an official statement to Daytime Confidential:

“Please believe when we say that his birth has nothing whatsoever to do with the Rapture today. I swear. Our son is not the Messiah. Seriously. He’s just an average kid. Well, maybe not ‘average’ but…”

However, is it a coincidence that the Rapture didn’t take place as predicted? I think not.