There’s an old saying in the Entertainment Industry that goes something like this: When your groundbreaking lesbian, same-sex marriage storyline becomes one huge EPIC FAIL, whatever you do, don’t blame a much-loved Emmy-award winning actress for your glaring inadequacies as both a writer and a human being.

Okay, so there really isn’t such a saying, but there should be. It might have saved Chuckie Pratt, Head Writer and Producer for All My Children, from the humiliation now being heaped upon his head by viewers, Soap bloggers world wide and some enterprising souls who have made His Cluelessness the star of the brand new, seemingly-out-of-nowhere web-series Pratt Falls, which also stars the equally witless Julie Hanan Carruthers. If you haven’t seen this little piece of hilarity, you can find it on YouTube and I’ve posted Episode one at the bottom of this entry. New episodes upload faster than a speeding bullet… But then again, given so much fine material with which to work means you’ll never lack for the comedy.

In case you missed it, or have been off the planet recently, Charles Pratt, Head Writer and Producer for All My Children, during an interview with Michael Logan for, actually blamed Eden Riegel, Emmy-award winner and soon to be late of All My Children, for the massive failure of the Bianca/Reese love story, which, really, wasn’t much of a love story since Bianca arrived back in October telling any who would listen what a spectacularly cool and amazing person Reese was and how they were living together already – after having met barely 2 months prior – and were now having a baby together. So almost instantaneously, Charles Pratt, Head Writer and Producer for All My Children, turned off a plethora of viewers by INFORMING THEM they were going to love Reese instead of allowing them to be introduced to her without preconceptions. I know a lot of viewers from across the spectrum of Internet soap forums who immediately hated the character before she even made an appearance because of Pratt’s heavy-handedness. (Plus, you gotta love Pratt, he just defined the stereo-typical Lesbian U-Haul relationship with one broad stroke of his poison pen)

However, I digress.

What it amounts to, Pratt relates, is that basically it was Eden’s fault the storyline was so jumbled, sometimes incomprehensible, lazily written and eventually bordering on vehemently hated, because he didn’t know she was only going to be on the show for 4-5 months; therefore, he couldn’t write the story he really wanted. (to which I say, Thank Lavery! This storyline was a train wreck that just keeps getting worse. But unlike most train wrecks, people were able to stop looking, I shudder to think what he could have done over 2 years…)

He then followed this statement up with the jaw-dropping comment that “I was led to believe we had her for longer than we really did — suddenly I got word that Eden is leaving now,” (his words and emphasis, not mine). He got word?!?! He’s the writer and showrunner! He’s the Showrunner, which means HE RUNS THE SHOW!!!

I wouldn’t plan on seeing Eden Riegel or Tamara Braun returning to AMC anytime in the near future…

The full text of the interview:

All My Children’s Lesbian Reunion
by Michael Logan April 13, 2009 01:29 PM EST

Eden Riegel returns to All My Children April 24 – though just for a week – so that her character, Bianca, can have a happy ending with her estranged partner, Reese (Tamara Braun). The two were wed on Valentine’s Day but the marriage ended a day later when Bianca found out Reese had kissed Zach (Thorsten Kaye) at the rehearsal dinner. Bianca sought an annulment and fled home to Paris, leaving many fans – especially those who appreciated the gay history being made – pretty damn furious.

AMC head writer Chuck Pratt blames the mess on Riegel’s exit for pilot season. “I was led to believe we had her for longer than we really did – suddenly I got word that Eden is leaving now,” he says. Meanwhile, Braun had agreed to a six-month stay, so that left her neurotic, sexually confused character dangling in the wind.

“We got to play everything we wanted to with Bianca and Reese but not in the time we’d hoped for – in my mind, it was a two-year story,” Pratt continues. “I guess I could have rushed to the wedding earlier so that they’d have had more time together as a married couple and then had them break up, but I think the fans would have been even more unsatisfied with that.”

What if Braun had been willing to stick with AMC? “We discussed that possibility,” Pratt notes. “But if Tamara decided to stay, keeping her on the show as an angry lesbian – with no other lesbian characters on the canvas – would be kind of insane. So we thought about making Reese bisexual – kind of an Anne Heche who bounces back and forth – and maybe make her an opportunistic black widow, a real bad girl. And Tamara would have been really great at that. But, ultimately, we decided to stick with the message.”

And that would be? “That love wins out. Reese and Bianca will go back to France together,” says Pratt. “They will survive as a couple.”

And I’m not even going to TOUCH the outrageous Anne Heche comment Pratt spewed. I think the woman has pretty good case of slander here, she should be finding herself a good lawyer…

How the HEAD WRITER AND PRODUCER of the show doesn’t know how long an actor has signed on for is absolutely preposterous. How Pratt is continually allowed to speak to the press is beyond me.

How Pratt is continually allowed to keep his JOB is beyond me…

If you are interested in seeing a love story, a true, developing, told over time and not shoved-down-your-throat-because-we’ve-been-told-they’re-cool-and-amazing story featuring two women, I highly suggest the Otalia story at Guiding Light. Amazingly well-written and brilliantly acted by Crystal Chappell and Jessica Leccia, it’s how romances used to be told on daytime serials.

It’s not a gay story or a lesbian story… It’s simply a love story.

Pratt Falls, Episode 1

Oops, apparently I just did another WTF? moment for All My Children! Unintentional to be sure, but a WTF! moment just the same…