Just in case you’ve been off the planet recently, the big news is that Eden Riegel, Heather Stevens of The Young and the Restless, has snagged a night time gig as a guest star on fellow ABC soap alumnus Nathan Fillion’s hit crime dramedy Castle. She’ll play Rachel Goldstein, a young woman distraught over the death of her brother, killed by an antique pistol.

Rumor has it this will be the fourth episode of the season, which begins airing new episodes on September 20th. So, by my calculations, Eden’s episode should air on October 4th.

I’m very excited to see Eden on this show as Castle is one of my favorite prime time shows. It’s witty, well-acted and features the most charismatic lead on television today in Nathan Fillion. The ensemble cast plays well together and it’s really just a fun hour of television. Plus, it isn’t a reality show featuring any number of people who think they’re celebrities but surely aren’t.

It’s also great to see Eden getting guest starring roles in Prime Time, a place she surely deserves to be.

Castle, Monday nights on ABC, 10 pm, 9 Central

Update: Eden’s episode of Castle will reportedly air on October 11th